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Call Us (304) 757-2287
Allergy & Skin Disorder Treatments

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While we often think about how people can be allergic to cats and dogs, it’s also true that our four-legged companions may have allergies of their own. One of the most common causes of red, itchy and irritated skin in pets is allergies. This may be an environmental allergen, such as dust or pollen, an allergy to flea saliva or a problem with the ingredients in their food. We can help control the uncomfortable symptoms through accurate diagnosis of an allergy and treatments that minimize the effects. For food allergies, we also offer nutritional counseling to help you find the diet that works best for your pet.

Other Causes of Itchy Skin in Pets


Food allergy

Autoimmune disease

Contact Dermatitis


Flea infestation

Lice, mites or other parasites


Viral or fungal infections

Animal Hospital in Hurricane, WV

Hurricane Animal Hospital provides allergy & skin disorder treatments for cats and dogs in Hurricane, Winfield, Milton, Barboursville, Charleston, Leon, Hamlin and the surrounding Putnam County Communities.

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