Helping People & Pets

Behavior Counseling

It’s very common for pet owners to struggle with problematic behaviors in their pet, but we’re here to help! One of the first steps with a behavioral issue is to rule out a potential medical cause for it. Illnesses can sometimes show up as a stressed out or anxious pet, making them more prone to destructive behaviors. After medical conditions are ruled out, we use scientifically tested approaches and holistic care to help change troublesome behaviors and improve pets’ and their owners’ quality of life. With humane training methods and techniques, it’s possible to save animals’ lives and enhance the relationship with their owners.

Nutritional Counseling

We know just how important a healthy and balanced diet can be for your furry family member. With all the options out there, it can be difficult to figure out what’s right for YOUR pet. We can offer advice on both the type and amount of food for your pet to make sure they stay healthy. For animals with chronic health conditions, diet is often essential in their treatment plan. We work closely with several pet food companies who offer both high quality foods and scientifically proven results.

Animal Hospital in Hurricane, WV

Hurricane Animal Hospital provides behavior & nutritional counseling for cats and dogs in Hurricane, Winfield, Milton, Barboursville, Charleston, Leon, Hamlin and the surrounding Putnam County Communities.

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