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Pet Care & Veterinary Resources in Hurricane, WV

We’re here for you and your pet, ensuring their proper treatment—from pet vaccinations to dental care. At Hurricane Animal Hospital, we’ve been providing trusted care and resources to Putnam County since 1980. Our talented, educated, and dedicated team is always here for you.

Regular exams and care give your vet a chance to spot problems before they potentially become serious and help you make the best decisions to keep your pet healthy and happy. If your pet hasn’t had one lately, call now to schedule an appointment with us for a pet wellness exam.

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Educational Videos

Lumps & Bumps
Periodontal Disease
Winter Enrichment
Senior Pet Wellness
Wellness & Early Detection Testing
How To Clean Your Pet’s Ears
Cancer Information
Pet Insurance
Laser Therapy
Straining: Deadly Serious!
Corona Virus & Pets
Tail Myths
Spaying & Neutering
Kibble v. Canned
Back Away From The Bouquet
Tick Prevention
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Animal Rescues & Donations

AVMF Veterinary Care

Veterinary Care Charitable Fund

Donate To Hurricane Animal Hospital Now

Putnam County Animal Shelter

Putnam County Animal Shelter

Putnam County Animal Shelter
AKC Rescue Network

Helpful Resources

FDA Animal & Veterinary

FDA offers a great website that is regularly updated regarding recalls and concerns consumers should be aware of:

Pet Loss and Grief

Pet loss and grief support services: and

Canine Health Foundation

Canine Health Foundation (Information about Diseases in dogs, genetic testing, and Breed specific concerns) at:

The International Renal Interest Society

The International Renal Interest Society is the leading research and education site regarding pet renal (kidney) disease and can be found at:

Tick Information

Tick Information can be found at for the University of Rhode Island Tick Resource Center, along with and which is specifically related to Lyme Disease.

Companion Animal Parasite Council

The Companion Animal Parasite Council tracks testing and positive cases of parasites in dogs and cats in the United States. Information and region and local maps can be found at:

The American Association of Feline Practitioners

The American Association of Feline Practitioners has a wealth of Feline information at:

Vaccine Information

Vaccine Information can be found at:

Microchip Information

Microchip information and help finding lost pets can be found at:

Indoor Pets

The Ohio State website regarding Indoor Pets and how to best provide an enriched environment for them can be found at:

Hill's Pet Nutrition

Hill’s pet nutrition has valuable education resources and food savings coupons at:

The Center for Disease Control

The Center for Disease Control provides information on many diseases that are contagious between pets and people as well as outbreak information in pet diseases at:

Royal Canin

Health is something different for every pet. We create tailored nutrition that helps cats and dogs live their healthiest lives.

Veterinary Partner

The goal of Veterinary Partner is to help veterinarians communicate with clients by providing information about issues affecting their animal.

Insurance & Financing

Pet Insurance Review

Access Pet Insurance 101! Read reviews and information about pet insurance companies available in our area at:

Pets Best Insurance Services

Show your love with affordable pet insurance options!

Trupanion Medical Insurance For Pets

Trupanion offers more than traditional pet insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

Get a personalized plan to fit your budget and your pet.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

One more way to say you love them. Get your pet insurance quote today

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Say hello to the best pet insurance ever made.

Pet Assure: Pre-existing Covered

Simply show your ID card at any participating veterinarian to start saving on veterinary care.

Healthcare financing with CareCredit

Look at long-term financing options and apply online at:

Puppy & Kitten Needs

Pet Vaccinations

The Perfect Puppy Needs

Spay & Neuter

The “Purr”fect Kitten Needs

Discounts & Promotions

Senior Discount

10% off 65 and older

Military Discount

10% off

Free Exam

For Shelter Pets

Free First Exam

American Kennel Club Adoption

For more information about pet care resources, please contact us at 304-757-2287 today!

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