COVID-19 Update


There is much fear and confusion regarding the Corona virus and how to go about day-to-day tasks.  Here is some of the important information we know and would like to emphasize:

Transmission primarily occurs when there is contact with an infected person's bodily secretions, such as saliva or mucus droplets in a cough or sneeze. Transmission via touching a contaminated surface or object (i.e., a fomite) and then touching the mouth, nose, or possibly eyes is also possible, but appears to be a secondary route. Smooth (non-porous) surfaces (e.g., countertops, doorknobs) transmit viruses better than porous materials (e.g., paper money, pet fur) because porous, especially fibrous, materials absorb and trap the pathogen (virus), making it harder to contract through simple touch.

  • The best way to avoid becoming ill is to avoid exposure to the virus. Taking typical preventive actions is key.
  • Infectious disease experts and multiple international and domestic human and animal health organizations agree there is no evidence at this point to indicate that pets become ill with COVID-19 or that they spread it to other animals, including people.
  • If you are not ill with COVID-19, you can interact with your pet as you normally would, including walking, feeding, and playing. You should continue to practice good hygiene during those interactions (e.g., wash hands before and after interacting with your pet; ensure your pet is kept well-groomed; regularly clean your pet’s food and water bowls, bedding material, and toys).

We will be continuing to serve our patients on a normal schedule BUT we are trying to increase protective measures and reduce transmission opportunities.  

  1. IF you are sick, we ask that you NOT enter the facility.  You can call when you arrive with your pet and we will meet you at your car to secure your pet and bring it inside for an appointment.  We have the ability to use phones and other technology to reduce face-to-face contact in most situations.  
  2. WHEN you are in our facility we ask that, you respect the 6-foot rule and limit your interactions to those that can occur outside of that 6-foot radius.  We can politely wave and smile at one another for this time and avoid hand shaking and other social touching interactions. Please also sit in the provided seating and allow our team to hold your pet for exams so we can respect this recommended distance to reduce exposure and transmission.  
  3. UTILIZE admission appointments that allow your pet to be admitted to the hospital briefly and care performed and then we can release your pet following a phone call with findings and updates. 
  4. SUGGEST ways we can assist you to ensure your pet gets the needed care while keeping you and our team protected. 

Thank you for your patience as we work through the COVID-19 implications, 

Hurricane Animal Hospital Veterinary Team



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