Protecting Your Pet’s Dental Health

Just like in people, our pets can experience dental health problems. From sore gums and gingivitis to toothaches and advanced periodontal disease, these issues can pose a serious risk to your pet’s overall health. Good dental health starts with an exam and regular dental cleanings here at the hospital. We can talk to you about how to take care of your pet’s teeth at home to avoid the buildup of plaque and tartar, too. Keep in mind that untreated periodontal disease may allow harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream, causing damage to internal organs. It can also cause painful tooth decay and tooth loss.

What Are the Signs of Gingivitis
& Periodontal Disease?

Bad breath

Drooling or difficulty chewing and eating


Swollen, red, receding or bleeding gums

Discoloration of the teeth

Loose teeth


Pre- and Post-Procedure

If your pet is going to be placed under anesthesia (such as with a full dental cleaning here in the hospital) we may talk to you about running a few blood tests to ensure their internal organs are functioning as needed before the procedure. You can also review our suggestions for preparing your pet for anesthesia.

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