Hurricane Animal Hospital is seeking a dependable, energetic, self-motivated animal lover who has experience in small animal care and customer service. Our veterinary technicians must have a broad knowledge of medicine and animal science along with strong mathematical skills.

Veterinary technicians must be able to successfully restrain animals, complete laboratory tests, use radiology techniques, administer and monitor patients under anesthesia, and assist in surgery. They must also deliver compassionate nursing care. Services provided can include surgical preparation, laser therapy, dental cleanings and dental radiography, anesthesia monitoring and patient recovery, IV catheterization and fluid therapy, filling prescriptions, and animal restraint in a fear-free and low-stress approved manner. Other veterinary assisting requirements will include walking dogs, some pet grooming, nail trimming, and implanting microchips. We provide client education regarding preventive medicine, microchipping, heartworm testing, parasite prevention, weight loss, and the importance of dental care. We provide some exotic medicine and are always looking to expand our services with those who are interested in reptile medicine, chemotherapy and cancer care, or physical rehabilitation.

Hurricane Animal Hospital’s mission is to go a step above. We wish to exceed the expectations of every client contact by providing excellent customer service, client education, and compassion. Our team makes this possible! We are looking to fill a full-time position and would love to have someone with an interest in growing their skills in nursing, cancer care, surgery, physical therapy, exotics, or internal medicine. We believe our team is most effective when they can grow in areas they enjoy, and we encourage our team to become more valuable through continuing education and the addition of services to our hospital.

We offer a competitive salary and are willing to discuss pay based on the individual’s experience brought to the job. We also offer retirement matching and medical insurance coverage (100% employer-paid premiums). We provide uniforms and sick and vacation time. We are willing to interview veterinary assistants.

You can email your resume to Jennifer Sette at or call 304-757-2287 for more information.

About Hurricane Animal Hospital:

Hurricane Animal Hospital is a 3FTE small animal practice housed in a modern 12,000-square-foot facility. We provide full veterinary care to patients and have opportunities for those seeking surgery, medicine, and other special interests.

Our services include outpatient wellness care and in-hospital treatments, including chemotherapy, hospice, and rehabilitation. We perform soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery and dentistry. Our facility is also equipped with therapeutic laser and ultrasound technology, radiology and ultrasonography equipment, and a complete in-house laboratory.

Our core values of passion, education, teamwork, client service, accountability, and respect guide us in providing high-quality pet care in a positive work environment. We were voted Best in the Tri-State in 2018 and 2019, and our veterinarian, Dr. Shawn Sette, was recognized as the WVVMA Veterinarian of the Year.

To learn more about us, please feel free to call (304) 549-9435. You can also schedule a tour of our facility.